About Us

Our Company

Ormonde is a dynamic industrial services company and have been providing industrial cleaning, environmental services and biogas services since it was established in 1996. Ormonde grew to become one of the leading company in its field of industrial cleaning and providing efficient industrial soluations, with operations in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Ireland.

Our international headquarters are based in Ostrava, Czech Republic & Katowice, Poland with other local operational bases in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia which also services customers in Austria, Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

We are more than an industrial cleaning company we are a provider of efficient industrial solutions for our customers. Our integrated industrial cleaning solutions are developed to reduce our customer’s energy costs, increase factory output and increase our customer’s profits in a safe and environmental sound manner.

Why choose our company?

At Ormonde we approach our customer’s requirement with the question? How our services can make our customers operations more efficiency. In many of these case the customer saving are a multiply of cost the service we have provided.

The team at Ormonde are dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations, through our knowhow, dedication and ability to understand our customer’s requirements and tailor our services that increase our customer efficiency through higher out-put, reduced energy requirements and prolonged intervals between shutdowns.

We offer a wide range of expert technology including high power vacuum loaders, high pressure water cleaning, ultra-sonic chemical cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning technology but most importantly a professionally team of highly trained management and operational personal, who are dedicated in providing you the highest level inclusive industrial cleaning services.

We have a track record in reducing our customer’s costs and increasing our customer’s production output. We are a dynamic company, with a hands-on approach and have the knowledge and knowhow to ensure the most efficient by our services.

Ormonde operates all services in compliance with ISO 14001, ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001. We take the safety of personal as our highest priority and all staff undergo safety training and ongoing update safety and induction training.