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Drain Cleaning Technology

We operate high powered drain cleaning combi units and high-powered vacuum / suction trucks which are suitable for heavy industrial, commercial and municipality drain and pipe cleaning, pumping satiation cleaning and tank cleaning applications. All our units are ADR certified and can be fitted to our scrubber unit if required during the suction of hazardous vapors and operations in EX zones.

  • Water jetting up 460 lpm
  • Water jetting up to 240 bar
  • Vacuum up 3,500 cmpm
  • Pressure discharge
  • Discharging under nitrogen
  • ADR certification
  • 12 m3 tank volume

Ormonde is a leading provider of safe, cost effective industrial drain cleaning services, we operate the advanced high-powered drain cleaning technology, which ensure you the best quality of services. We have drain cleaning and tank cleaning specialized based in Ostrava, Brno, Prague (Czech Republic), Katowice & Bydgoszcz (Poland) and Bratislava (Slovakia).