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External Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Outside heat exchanger cleaning (bundle cleaning) needs higher water flow to be affective, with that said no manual cleaning system can be used. A high-pressure water jetting manually operated gun, is only for surface cleaning and therefore, unable to penetrate the centre of the heat exchanger (bundle). At Ormonde we offer a semi-automated external heat exchanger cleaning system. A purpose designed outside bundle nozzle, which is attached to a special type arm, that controls all perpendicular movements at a set speed as the arm drives along the bundle.


  • Effective heat exchanger (bundle) cleaning
  • Automated heat cleaning system
  • Fast heat exchanger cleaning system
  • Safe heat exchanger cleaning system
  • Ultrasonic heat exchanger cleaning system

The expert industrial cleaning, technology cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning team at Ormonde understand how to offer you the most cost-efficient cleaning solution and have vast experiences in providing professional heat exchanger and industrial cleaning solutions in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Ukraine.