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Heat Exchanger Handling

The Ormonde automated aerial bundle (heat exchanger) lifting and extraction system is a self-contained “combi-unit”, which is easily lifted into position by one crane. Our bundle lifting / pulling system makes easy work of: bundle pulling and lifting of the all types of bundles (heat exchangers), transporting them to the wash bay and finally push the bundle (heat exchanger) back into the shell once the maintenance is completed, ensuring our customers the fastest, safest and cost effective heat exchanger handling and cleaning service.

  • Safe heat exchanger extraction (bundle pulling)
  • Safe heat exchanger (bundle) lifting
  • Fast heat exchanger extraction (bundle pulling)
  • Heat exchanger (bundle) up to 45 tons
  • Heat exchanger (bundle) up to 8 meters long
  • Heat exchanger (bundle) lifting over larger surface area
  • Heat exchanger (bundle) pulling with unto 60 ton pulling force

The Ormonde bundle puller has a 60 ton pulling force, making for easy and safe extraction of your heat exchanger out of its shell without putting any stress on the heat exchanger, the housing or attached technology. The pulling winch is equipped with a vertical lifting pull hook system, which can hydraulically raise and lower to make sure the bundle is always in line with the shell while pulling. Once the exchanger is pulled out, the operator balances the extractor by moving the lifting frame forward or backward with his remote control. The large pick up surface area of the Ormonde heat exchanger (bundle) lifter, spreads the weight across the bundle so that no damage is done to either the tubes or baffles during extraction and lifting. This system is both safe (no more slings) and efficient, and most important they protect the expensive technology.

We provide both bundle pulling (heat exchanger extraction) services and rental of bundle pulling and bundle lifting equipment across Europe including; Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ireland, England, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Croatia and Romania. For more information regarding rental of our hydraulic aerial tube bundle extractors and lifters contact us.