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Industrial Vacuuming Services

Industrial vacuuming loader solutions offered by Ormonde are designed with several innovative features to improve our customers production quality, reduce operational costs and increase safety during our vacuuming operations. The Ormonde industrial dry and wet vacuuming trucks are equipped to meet the highest safety standards and can operate with dangerous materials including chemicals, acids and explosive materials.

  • Industrial vacuuming services – factory de-dusting
  • Industrial vacuuming services – technology cleaning
  • Industrial vacuuming services – crane rail cleaning
  • Industrial vacuuming services – cooling tower cleaning
  • Industrial vacuuming services – tank cleaning
  • Industrial vacuuming services – silo cleaning
  • Industrial vacuuming services – ventilation systems
  • Industrial vacuuming services – biogas/digester cleaning
  • Industrial vacuuming services – rail wagon cleaning
  • Industrial vacuuming services – deep suction and long-distance vacuuming
  • Industrial vacuuming services – cleaning in EX zones
  • Industrial vacuuming services – ADR transport

A powerful way to access hard-to-reach or sensitive areas, Ormonde operates a sizable fleet of dry and wet suction excavators / industrial vacuuming trucks, designed to cover a wide range of industrial and environmental cleaning services of dry bulk powders, dusts, liquids, slurries and thick heavy sludge from hard to reach areas. Long-distant suction and heavy vacuuming of material is not a problem for our high-powered suction excavators / industrial vacuum loaders. We also offer an ATEX and ADR vacuuming solutions including certified EX hose and operational equipment.

At Ormonde (Czech Republic, Poland & Slovakia) we are experts in industrial vacuum loader services and have vast experience in a wide range industrial and tanks cleaning services including; technology cleaning, factory cleaning, de-dusting, tank cleaning, fuel storage cleaning, cleaning in ex zones, cleaning of boiler rooms, silo cleaning, biogas station cleaning, rail wagon cleaning, blowing of liquids, powers and other dry materials.

For more information about the latest suction excavator technology or about the services of vacuum excavation (suction dredger / vacuum loader), industrial cleaning, cleaning of technologies, cleaning of tanks, cleaning of biogas stations, digester cleaning, reactor cleaning and other industrial cleaning by vacuum excavation technology or high pressure water jetting technology in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Ukraine and surrounding countries contact a member of our team.  

There us a vast range of terms used these air displacement systems so for your better understanding we have listed a number of the terms used by our customers; suction excavator, vacuum excavator, super sucker, vacuum excavation truck, high powered dry vacuum truck, wet and dry vacuum units, high powered suction trucks, dry-vac’s, saugbagger, supersauger, luftforderanlagen, sací bagr, koparka ssąca, vakum-ekskavators, всасывающий экскаватор, birių medžiagų siurbimo sisteme, szívó kotrógép, vakumski utovarivač snage, всасывающий екскаватор, всасывать экскаватор, megavac, cyclovac, ecovac, vortex, high powered (pump) suction excavator, air displacement technology using bag filter or cyclone separation systems.