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Industrial Vacuum Loaders

Industrial vacuum loaders (air displacement units) operated by Ormonde are designed for heavy industrial, construction and waste applications. They are suitable for the suction, excavation and blowing of all types of material including ADR products and in EX environments. The industrial vacuum loaders (suction excavator / dry vacuum trucks) operated by Ormonde are built to cover a wide range of industrial cleaning applications, giving our customers effective wet or dry vacuuming, blowing and pressure discharge solutions to meet our customers’ needs with the highest quality and cost-effective method.

  • Industrial vacuum loader – up to 9,000 cubic meter per hour
  • Industrial vacuum loader – blowing / discharge systems
  • Industrial vacuum loader – bulk compressor
  • Industrial vacuum loader – high-lift system
  • Industrial vacuum loader – unloading to big bags
  • Industrial vacuum loader – ADR version
  • Industrial vacuum loader – ATEX version

The dry and wet high powered industrial vacuuming (suction excavation) technology operated by Ormonde is suitable for heavy industrial cleaning applications and the suction, displacing, transporting and unloading of dry, wet and hazardous substances, such as various types of dusts, catalyst, (roof) gravel, powders, fly ash, oils and heavy sludge. Our industrial vacuum loaders (high powered pressure suction / vacuum trucks) have been designed to ensure we provide you the best quality of service for all types of industrial cleaning services.

Our fleet of high powered industrial vacuum loaders (suction excavation / dry suction / vacuum units) are based in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia which enables our team to provide high powered vacuum services in neighboring countries such as Austria, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Lithuania and Latvia.