At Ormonde we offer specialist ultra high-pressure services to cover all your industrial cleaning requirements, including removal of dirt and scale, or unwanted materials from surfaces and structures, including tanks cleaning, pipe cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning, sewers & drain cleaning, floors cleaning, line and rubber removal, technology cleaning in all types of manufacturing facilities.

Our range of industrial cleaning equipment can produce a variety of flow and water pressures, enabling our highly trained and experienced staff to achieve professional results across a wide range of operational situations.

Ultra high-pressure cleaning applications include:

  • Heat Exchanger cleaning
  • Pipe and tube cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Silo and vassal clearing
  • Removal of protective and surface coatings
  • Sewer and drainage cleaning
  • Technology cleaning
  • Reactor cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Road line removal
  • Runway and rubber removal

We strive to deliver the highest levels of operational safety, quality and environmental compliance for our customers. With key operational bases in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, we also provide service to our customers in Ukraine, Austria and Germany. For more information regarding our ultra high pressure cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning, tank cleaning and other technology cleaning services please contact us at:

Ultra high pressure Ostrava: +420 730 156 664
Ultra high pressure Brno: +420 731 484 424
Ultra high pressure Prague: +420 257 181 055
Ultra high pressure Bratislava: +421 208 69 696
Ultra high pressure Katowice: +48 664 367 311
Ultra high pressure Krakow: +48 664 367 311