Biogas plants must be cleaned at regular intervals. To minimize operational downtime and loss of income, the ideal time for cleaning is during planned maintenance works on fermenters or maintenance of the mixing system or when the agitators are being replaced. The highly-skilled team at Ormonde understands the intricacies of the biogas industry. We provide our customers the highest level of non-stop service to reduce your downtime and to maximize your profits.

At Ormonde we have a team of experts providing biogas shutdown and cleaning services in the biogas industry across Europe including, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Ireland. At Ormonde we can offer both a wet and dry systems for the removal of all sludge’s and other materials, hot wash cleaning system of heating pipes and waste disposal.

Ormonde suction excavators are a cost-effective solution for the cleaning and excavation of all type of materials deposited in your biogas fermenters, storage and mixing tanks. The suction excavators operated by Ormonde are designed so that they can be used during routine maintenance with highly effective results. Sinking layers, sand deposits, grass residues, sludge’s and other materials present no problem for our suction excavators or team of experts who have vast experience of cleaning a wide range of biogas facilities.

Biogas & fermenter cleaning services

  • Wet and dry cleaning system.
  • Monitoring for hazardous gases.
  • Ventilation system.
  • Operations under oxygen.
  • Cleaning system for heating pipes.
  • Waste Disposal.

For more information about or expert biogas cleaning services please contact one of team:
Biogas cleaning services Poland +48 692 281 693
Biogas cleaning services Czech Republic +420 731 484 424
Biogas cleaning services Slovakia + 421 949 828 065
Biogas cleaning services Europe +420 733 374 815

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