Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Units (Suction Excavators) operated by Ormonde designed for heavy industrial cleaning applications and is suitable for suction, blowing and unloading dry, liquid and hazardous substances, such as various types of catalyst, gravel, powders, fly ash and sludge.

At Ormonde we operate the most advanced industrial vacuum (suction excavators) technology that are fast and efficiently. We are operating highly advanced wet and dry vacuum combination units that are designed for toughest of industrial operations, including all types of industrial vacuum services, factory de-dusting services, tank cleaning services, suction of oil sludge’s, specialized technology cleaning services, biogas station cleaning services, silo cleaning services, cooling tower cleaning services, cleaning of sand filters, rail tanker cleaning services, catalyst removal services, cleaning out large sewer systems, cleaning of ventilation systems, cleaning in confined spaces, and other specialized industrial vacuum services provided in the mining, steel, heat, power, biogas, petro-chemical, timber, cement, municipal services and all other heavy industry.

With both cyclone and bag filter separator, industrial vacuum cleaning technology, the team at Ormonde operate the most powerful and versatile industrial vacuum technology that have a broad range of industrial applications, having tremendous suction and blowing capacity to deal with tasks of any scale and can vacuum a wide range of material including hazardous and organics wastes and sludge’s, cement, chemicals, clays, coke, coal sludge, dust, foundry sand, lime, metal chips, oil sludge’s.

At Ormonde we have a team of experts with vast experience in industrial vacuum cleaning and suction excavator’s services across Europe including, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Austria and Ireland.

For more information regarding our Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Units (Suction Excavators) Services in The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and surrounding countries in central and eastern Europe contact a member of our team.
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