Industrial cleaning services

At Ormonde we are a dynamic industrial cleaning services company and we provide premium industrial cleaning solution and environmental cleaning services for our customers across central and eastern Europe.

  • Technology cleaning services
  • Tank cleaning services
  • Heat exchanger cleaning services
  • Industrial vacuum loader cleaning services
  • High pressure water cleaning services

Technology cleaning services

At Ormonde we are much more than an industrial cleaning company, we are a premium provider of efficient industrial and technology cleaning solutions. Our specialised technology cleaning teams have vast experience in all types of Industrial and technology’s cleaning operations including:

  • Factory & technology de-dusting
  • Specialized technology cleaning
  • Reactor cleaning
  • Vessel cleaning
  • Crane cleaning
  • Crane rail cleaning
  • Ventilation system cleaning
  • Industrial pipe cleaning
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Catalyst services
  • Cleaning in EX zones
  • Cleaning technology using industrial vacuum loaders
  • Cleaning technology using high pressure water jetting
  • Cleaning technology using ultra sonic, chemical cleaning
  • Cleaning technology using robotic cleaning systems

Tank cleaning services

At Ormonde we are specialist in all types of tank cleaning, silo cleaning, fuel tank cleaning, storage tank, rail wagon cleaning and biogas tank clean services. If your tank need to be cleaned for a product change, for an inspection, repairs or decommissioning, we have the tank cleaning solution for you.

  • Non-man entry tank cleaning systems
  • Storage tank cleaning
  • Silo cleaning
  • Cooling tower cleaning
  • Oil tank cleaning
  • Fuel tank cleaning
  • Gas tank cleaning
  • Acid tank cleaning
  • WWTP tank cleaning
  • Biogas (digester) tank cleaning
  • Rail wagon cleaning
  • Tank Cleaning in EX zones

Heat exchanger cleaning services

The Ormonde automated heat exchanger cleaning system can clean multiply tubes(pipes) at one time, makes our heat exchanger cleaning solutions the safest, fastest and the most cost efficient heat exchanger cleaning service on the market.

  • Cost effective heat exchanger cleaning
  • Safe heat exchanger cleaning
  • Fast heat exchanger cleaning
  • Ultrasonic heat exchanger cleaning
  • Tube heat exchanger cleaning
  • Plate heat exchanger cleaning
  • External heat exchanger (bundle) cleaning
  • Heat exchanger handling (bundle pulling) services
  • ATEX heat exchanger cleaning technology

Industrial vacuum loader cleaning services

The high powered industrial vacuum loader cleaning solutions offered by Ormonde are a powerful way to access and clean hard-to-reach or sensitive areas and technology including: technology cleaning, factory de-dusting, crane & crane rail cleaning, ventilation systems cleaning, deep tank cleaning, silo cleaning, cooling tower cleaning, rail wagon cleaning, lagoon cleaning, storage facility cleaning, fuel storage tank cleaning and biogas digester cleaning.

  • Industrial Vacuum Loader Cleaning – factory de-dusting
  • Industrial Vacuum Loader Cleaning – technology cleaning
  • Industrial Vacuum Loader Cleaning – crane rail cleaning
  • Industrial Vacuum Loader Cleaning – tank & silo cleaning
  • Industrial Vacuum Loader Cleaning – ventilation systems
  • Industrial Vacuum Loader Cleaning – biogas/digester cleaning
  • Industrial Vacuum Loader Cleaning – rail wagon cleaning
  • Industrial Vacuum Loader Cleaning – catalyst unloading
  • Industrial Vacuum Loader Cleaning – deep suction and long-distance vacuuming
  • Industrial Vacuum Loader Cleaning – cleaning in EX zones
  • Industrial Vacuum Loader Cleaning – ADR transport

High pressure water cleaning services

At Ormonde we provide safe, cost effective high-pressure water jetting and ultra-high-pressure cleaning services using robotic systems where possible. Our high-pressure jetting pumps and robotic hands-free cleaning tools are developed to take the operator out of direct contact with the operations and to ensure you the highest quality water blasting services including: industrial pipe cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning, tank cleaning, silo cleaning, rail wagon and other specialised technology.

  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Industrial pipe & drain cleaning
  • Non-man entry tank cleaning
  • Non-man entry silo cleaning
  • Process vassal cleaning
  • Surface cleaning
  • Road line marking removal
  • Paint shop cleaning
  • High pressure water jetting up to 2,500 bar
  • Automated high pressure water blasting systems
  • High pressure water cleaning in EX zones

At Ormonde we take a hands-on approach to all your industrial cleaning requirements including; technology cleaning, factory cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning, pipe cleaning, tank cleaning, digester cleaning, cleaning services using industrial vacuum loaders, high pressure water jetting and ultra-sonic chemical cleaning technology. With bases Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia we do provide services in neighboring countries such as Austria, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Lithuania and Latvia.