Heat Exchanger Cleaning & Bundle Extraction service in Central and Eastern Europe

Ormonde is one of the leading heat exchanger cleaning companies in central and eastern Europe. We offer high pressure cleaning, high water flow cleaning, ultrasonic chemical cleaning and automated tube cleaning systems for a wide range heat exchangers, including;

  • Tube heat exchanger – internal tube cleaning.
  • Tube heat exchanger – external tube cleaning.
  • Plate heat exchanger cleaning.
  • Fin fan cooler cleaning
  • Heat exchanger cleaning in EX zone.

The Ormonde automated heat exchanger cleaning service, is the most advanced cleaning service on the market and we can clean many tubes(pipes) at one time. The system ensures maximum quality for our customers in the most efficient, fast and safe manner.

  • Automated water blasting - heat exchanger cleaning system.
  • Automated internal tube - heat exchanger cleaning system.
  • Automated external tube - heat exchanger cleaning system.

Ormonde is one of a few company providing professional hydraulic aerial bundle (heat exchanger) extraction & handling services Europe including bundle pulling, pushing and lifting using a self-contained unit, which has a pulling force of up to 60 tons and handles tube bundles up to 45 tons in weight. At Ormonde we offer bundle extraction services, rental of aerial tube buddle extractors and a completed heatexchanger turnaround service in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Germany, Ireland, England, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine.

  • Bundle extraction services.
  • Bundle lifting service.
  • Hydraulic aerial bundle extractor rental.

For more information regarding the most advanced and efficient tube and plate heat exchanger cleaning services in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine contact a member of the Ormonde team or check our webpage heat exchanger services.