Air Cooler Cleaning Technology “sharp-fog”

Air Cooler Cleaning Technology “sharp-fog”

Early this year, Robert Elingr, regional commercial manager at Ormonde was requested by a customer in Slovakia for a cost effect system for cleaning their air coolers that offered the best operational efficiency for their air coolers each sized 1900m2. After some investigation and Robert’s vast experience in providing innovated efficient industrial cleaning solution, he was certain that our ‘sharp-fog’ air cooler cleaning technology would offer the customer the greatest results.

Our air cooler cleaning technology ‘sharp-fog’ is sensitive but very efficient technology for cleaning air coolers of lamella construction. It offers effective removal of dirt, insect or grass from the working squares of air coolers by a method of high-pressure fog designed to give maximum increases of your cooler efficiency. ‘Sharp-fog’ cooler cleaning technology is a cost effective and environmentally friendly, no need for chemicals and minimum waste produced during cleaning.

‘Sharp-fog’ cooler cleaning system brings a new way of efficient maintenance of air coolers including; industrial cooling units, car coolers, air coolers on biogas stations, engine coolers. Increasing the efficiency of your air-coolers reduces your running costs and increased you coolers efficiency.

The final result for Robert was a very happy customer with a high efficient air coolers. This is another great example of how the Ormonde industrial and technology cleaning services can reduce our customer costs by increasing their efficiency and reducing energy requirements. For more details about our air-coolers cleaning, high presses water cleaning and other industrial cleaning solutions in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and neighbouring countries please contact a member of our team.

Need to clean a fin-fan cooling system, at Ormonde we have a semi-automated water blasting system developed for fin fan cooler cleaning.