During the year of 2018, the number of tank cleaning orders made in all regions where we operate has risen.


At Ormonde we take tank cleaning very seriously and we only operate to the highest quality and safety standards. Due to our amazing professional approach in tank cleaning, including: cleaning of storage tanks, sedimentation tanks, fuel tanks, oil tanks, biogas digester tanks and silos the demand state-of-the-art service has increased greatly.

  Tank cleaning takes place in different ways, mainly:
  • Tank cleaning – NON-MAN entry.
  • Tank cleaning - with 500 bar pressure water blasting.
  • Tank cleaning - with 1000 bar high pressure water jetting.
  • Tank cleaning - with 2500 bar ultra-high-pressure water jetting.
  • Tank cleaning – using sand & glass water blasting.
  • Tank cleaning - using high pressure water jetting at temperature of 98 ° C.
  • Tank cleaning – using vacuum loaders (suction excavators).
  • Tank cleaning – high powered suction tankers.

We are specialized in industrial and environmental cleaning, including tank cleaning services following industries:

  • Tank cleaning for the chemical industry.
  • Tank cleaning for the petrochemical industry.
  • Tank cleaning for the metallurgical industry.
  • Tank cleaning for the power industry and in the mining industry.
  • Tank cleaning for the concrete plants and cement plants.
  • Tank cleaning for the water and biological treatment plants.
  • Tank cleaning for chemical wastewater treatment plants.

For more information about our non-man entry tank cleaning or our specialized high-powered vacuum/suction technology for all types of tanks, including; storage tanks, sedimentation tanks, deep tanks, fuel storage tanks, oil tanks, rail tankers, road tankers and all types of silos in central and eastern Europe including: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine and surrounding countries contact a member of our team.