Both the inside and outside of heat exchangers are target to contamination/fouling. These are common problems for heat exchangers especially when dealing with hard-to-clean products. When contamination of heat exchanger/bundles increases the heat, transfer becomes negligible and a lot of energy goes wasted for equal results. Only by applying specialist method of cleaning can these complications be solved.


The most popular cleaning method used is high pressure water blasting. Water under pressure is very effective in removing substances out of place. Worldwide the two most popular ways of high pressure cleaning heat exchangers is done manually or semi-automatic. Due to the, sometimes unknown, fatal dangers of working with high pressure water, the increased legislation on safe working with high pressure water, the requirement of both customers and contract providers to corporate responsibility, also the increased need for high factory output / efficiency.


At Ormonde we have conclude that manual cleaning using high pressure water is no longer an option and we offer only automatic cleaning for tube heat exchanger cleaning. An added advantage of automatic cleaning system is the quality of cleaning and the increased speed of cleaning.


The high-pressure water jetting team at Ormonde have been at the forefront of promoting and developing semi-automatic heat exchanger cleaning systems and high-pressure water blasting systems for the following reason:


  • Putting safety 1
  • Increase customer production productive
  • Reducing time needed for shutdowns
  • Environmental focused (less water needed, less waste produced)
  • Increase technology life time / reduce technology capital requirements
  • Many times, faster than traditional cleaning methods
  • Heat exchanger extraction and cleaning service


Not only is the Ormonde heat exchanger cleaning systems safer, it also improves the cleaning quality and therefore the efficiency of the production unit.  Our systems are also suitable for vertical or horizontal heat exchanger.


Contact a member of our team to learn more about our safe, efficient, high quality, high pressure water cleaning system including: internal tube - heat exchanger cleaning, external tube – heat exchanger cleaning, plate heat exchanger cleaning, bundle extractor services, rental and sales, in Europe, industrial cleaning and other industrial high-pressure water blasting services we can offer you in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary and neighboring countries in central and eastern Europe such as: Austria, Croatia, Lithuania and Latvia.