High Powered Industrial Vacuum Loader Technology

High Powered Suction Excavator Technology

Professional industrial vacuum loaders (suction excavator) services for industrial, commercial and environmental business across central and eastern Europe. At Ormonde we operate the most advanced vacuum loader / suction excavator technology on the market, more importantly the team at Ormonde have vast experience in operating our high-powered vacuum trucks in a wide range of applications in industrial cleaning services, environmental services and tank cleaning services in many countries across Europe

Our high powered suction excavator / industrial vacuum loader technology has the ability to move liquids, sludge and dry bulk materials including; organic sludge’s, hazards sludge’s, stones, gravel, sand, cement, powers, catalyst and liquids over very long distances and at large depths, such technology is suitable of a wide range of industrial cleaning and environmental cleaning applications including; factory de-dusting, technology cleaning, cleaning in hard to reach areas, cleaning in EX zones, tank cleaning, silo cleaning, biogas tank cleaning, digester cleaning, fuel storage cleaning, sedimentation tank cleaning,  cleaning of boiler rooms, cleaning furnaces, cleaning conveyor system, crane and crane rail cleaning, rail wagon cleaning, catalyst unloading, pressure discharge of liquids and blowing of powers and other dry materials.

What is an Industrial Vacuum Loader / Suction excavator

These high powered industrial suction / vacuum loaders are known by many different names including; super suckers, high powered vac tankers, vacuum truck, vacuum loader, suction excavator, vacuum excavator, wet & dry vac and dry vac units. Regardless of the name used for these machines, once it is high powered vacuum unit offered or operated by Ormonde it is the best on the market.

These units are very specialised tanker truck with a heavy duty vacuuming system  and filtration system designed to pneumatically load, powers, solids, liquids, sludge, slurry through suction hose of different sizes. This type of technology is ideal for a wide range of industrial cleaning services, tank cleaning, digester cleaning and other environmental cleaning services. If you have problem to access hard to reach areas, our high powered vacuum loader / suction excavators are ideal.

We offer a full range of environmental cleaning and industrial cleaning solutions to the automotive, chemical, petro-chemical, heat, power, mining, steal, timber, biogas, water, and manufacturing industries using our high-powered vacuum loader (suction excavators), high pressure water cleaning (water blasting), ultrasonic chemical cleaning, vacuum excavator sales, industrial cleaning technology sales and heat exchanger cleaning technology in central and eastern Europe including; Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine.