High Pressure & Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting

At Ormonde we offer both high pressure water and ultra-high water (blasting) jetting services from 200 bar to 2,500 bar, our water blasting services including: internal and external cleaning of plate and tube heat exchangers, reactor cleaning, pipe cleaning, tank cleaning, silo cleaning, cooling system cleaning and other specialised technology cleaning services.

At Ormonde we have concluded that manual cleaning using high pressure water should only be used if there is no other suitable option and we can now offer automatic cleaning for tube heat exchanger, process pipe cleaning, silo cleaning and some types of reactors and tanks. The added advantage of automatic cleaning systems is: safety, the quality of cleaning and the increased speed of cleaning.


In 2019 we have added a new 250 kw pump to our fleet, this pump can deliver 130 lpm at 1,000 bar, which is ideal for operating our new 3 lance semi-automated tube heat exchanger technology, for a demo of the most advanced and efficient water jetting, heat exchanger cleaning services on the market contact a member of our team. 

To learn more about our full range of high pressure water jetting (hydro blasting) services including: our 500 bar pumps, 1,000 bar pumps and 2,500 bar pumps, hot water high pressure water jetting systems, non-man entry tank water blasting systems, semi-automated heat exchanger cleaning system and other high pressure water jetting services we can offer in: Poland Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and neighbouring countries in central and eastern Europe such as: Austria, Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia and Croatia, contact us.