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The drain cleaning combi and vacuum units operated by Ormonde are suitable for industrial, commercial and municipality drains clean cleaning and tank cleaning applications. All our units are ARD certified and can be fitted to our scrubber unit if required during the suction of hazardous vapors.

Combi jet-vac units

Combi jet-vac units

Combi jet-vac trucks operated by Ormonde are designed for multifunctional applications and are suitable for heavy industrial services and sewer cleaning. Especially for working with large sewer cleaning, root and concrete cutting, general industrial site services and suction of hazardous waste. Our trucks are built on the highest standards including ADR waste collection and ATEX vacuuming systems.

Extra equipment: transfer pump, suction arm, ADR / ATEX.


  • Vacuum pump: roots - 3,000 m3/hour
  • Jetting pump: 240 bar, 285 l/min, 120m 1“ & 80m ½“
  • Transfer pump: 1400 l/min, ADR and ATEX vacuum system

Large jet-vac

  • Vacuum pump: water cooled 3,500 m3/hour
  • Jetting pump: 240 bar, 460 l/min, 120m 1¼ “ & 100m 1“
  • Suction boom, discharge compressor, ARD

Jetting Van

  • Jetting: 200 bar - 39 l/min
  • Including portable CCTV pipe inspection system
  • Specialised heating system, operating in up to -20°C

CCTV – Pipe inspection

  • IPEX monitoring system DN 50 – 2500 mm
  • WinCan reporting software (DVD, CD, JPEG, PDF)
  • Mapping system, ovality measurement