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WTP & WWTP Cleaning

We are an expert company in environment cleaning services, with a full range of water department cleaning services for the water industry, waste water industry, biogas industry and heavy manufacturing industry. Our water department cleaning services include pumping station cleaning, tank cleaning, biogas tank cleaning, sand filter replacing, drain cleaning, oil interceptor cleaning, specialised environmental technology cleaning and contaminated site clean-up services.


The Ormonde team based in Ostrava, Brno, Prague in Czech Republic, Katowice & Bydgoszcz in Poland and Bratislava in Slovakia have vast experience in cleaning services for both water and waste water treatment departments and are experts in professional cleaning services using high power industrial vacuum loaders (suction excavators), high pressure water jetting technology, non-man entry tank cleaning and high powered suction trucks for all your deep tank cleaning, pumping station cleaning, sand filters, river cleaning, pond cleaning, digester / biogas tank cleaning, specialised water cleaning technology and environmental cleaning services.