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Environmental services

Bio gas stations - cleaning

  • Cleaning of all types of materials with using of excavation units
  • High pressure washing after cleaning
  • Ventilation and gas control systems

WWTP - technology cleaning

  • Tank cleaning and heavy sludge removal
  • Pumping stations & sand traps cleaning
  • Cleaning all types of technology

Lagoon & pond cleaning

  • Lagoon cleaning - all types of materials removal
  • High powered suction excavation or dredging units
  • Disposal, dewatering, waste treatment

Cleaning of contaminated areas / brownfield

  • Fuel tanks cleaning and hazardous waste removal
  • Cleaning of chemical spills / contaminated areas
  • Cleaning of rivers & ponds

Cleaning oil interceptor

  • Cleaning of heavy oil sludge
  • Cleaning and supplying of new filters
  • Disposal of waste – ADR waste transportation

Cleaning of grease traps

  • Cleaning and refilling of bug water
  • Yearly servicing and maintance
  • Sampling, testing, transport and disposal

Recycling & disposal

  • Sludge disposal and Composting
  • Dewatering and on-site treatment
  • Transportation and recycling

Testing and sampling of waste

  • Certified testing
  • Classification of waste type
  • Environmental reporting