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Excavation units

Excavation units operated by Ormonde

Suction excavation / air displacement units operated by Ormonde are designed for heavy industrial, construction and waste applications and are suitable for the suction, blowing excavation of all types of dry and liquid materials.

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  • Suction / vacuum services
  • Blowing services (pneumatic transportation of powers, roof gravel and liquids)
  • Excavation / digging services
  • ADR transportation
  • ATEX vacuuming system

Our suction excavation units are designed to ensure maximum operational efficiency, safety and ensure that you get best value for your money.

Vacuum:9,000 cubic meters, air flow per hour
Suction of distances: up to 350 meters
Suction depths: up to 100 meters
Blowing height:up to 60 meters
Tank size: 14 / 15 cubic meters

Extra equipment:
  • Excavation arm
  • High lift
  • HP jetting pump
  • Pressurised discharge system
  • ADR / ATEX systems

Suction / vacuum services

  • Dry and wet material
  • All types of materials / products and cleaning services
  • All types of industry (steel, cement, chemical, mining, waste & water industry)

Blowing services (pneumatic transportation)

  • Pressurised discharge system – up 60 meters high
  • Industrial services - blowing of product into silos
  • Construction services – blowing of materials on the roofs, tunnels

Excavation services

  • Distances up to 350 meters and depth of 80 to 100 meters
  • Excavation ARM - excavation of buried utility cables & gas lines
  • Excavating of underground car parks, cellars, electrical culverts

High-lift excavation units

  • Loading to big bags
  • Loading to containers
  • Lifting to the height of 2 meters


  • Suction and transport of ARD liquids
  • ATEX approved root blower vacuuming system
  • Continuous ground & systems

Non-stop excavation unit service

  • Ormonde offers 24 hours non-stop service
  • Emergency call out service (suction excavation for industrial cleaning)
  • Excavation call out services for all the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland