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Industrial Vacuum Loader

The industrial vacuuming (suction excavation) technology operated by Ormonde is suitable for heavy industrial cleaning services including, technology cleaning, tank cleaning, factory cleaning services, specialised industrial cleaning applications and biogas digester cleaning services. At Ormonde we operate both cyclone (cylovac) and bag filter (megavac) separator industrial loader technology, built to both ADR and ATEX standards, making our services the most versatile for all your industrial and tank cleaning requirements. Our experts have vast experience in industrial vacuum loader services across Europe including, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Austria and neighbouring countries.


The Ormonde Industrial vacuum loader (suction excavator) personal are based in Ostrava, Brno, Prague in Czech Republic, in Katowice & Bydgoszcz in Poland and Bratislava in Slovakia to ensure we can offer you the highest quality dry and wet industrial vacuuming and industrial cleaning services and other specialised vacuum loader services on the market.