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At Ormonde we provide specialized industrial and environmental facility management services, including the environmental management of your facility, including all environmental testing and reporting needs. We also provide industrial facility management, including daily site operations, factory cleaning, working with hazardous waste, supply of all your suction excavation cleaning, ultra high pressure cleaning and drain cleaning requirements.

Facility management

Factory cleaning

  • Daily onsite - industrial cleaning services
  • Vacuuming, sweeping, de-dusting and maintance
  • Wet & dry cleaning of all types of production facilities

Environmental management

  • Site inspections, sampling, testing & reporting
  • Annual environmental reporting
  • On-site waste management (WWTP system, waste, oil interceptors)

Management of drainage systems

  • Weekly / monthly inspections, testing, reporting & cleaning
  • Water management – retention of ponds, pumping stations
  • Cooperation with local authorities

Cleaning of footpaths & walls

  • Cleaning with environmentally friendly chemicals
  • High pressure & hot wash cleaning
  • Paint, oil, dirt & gum removal