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Heat Exchanger Cleaning

The team at Ormonde understand that a high-quality heat exchanger cleaning service will reduce our customers running costs through higher factory output, reduced energy requirements and extended timing between shutdown’s / cleaning service intervals. We have the most cost efficient, the safest and the fastest heat exchanger cleaning service on the market; our automated heat exchanger cleaning system can clean multiply tubes(pipes) at one time.


Our expert’s in heat exchanger cleaning are located in Ostrava, Brno, Prague (Czech Republic), Katowice & Bydgoszcz (Poland) and Bratislava (Slovakia). By using the most advanced robotic high-pressure water jetting (hydro blasting / high pressure water cleaning ) technology, automotive ‘hands-free’ heat exchanger cleaning technology, heat exchanger handling / extraction technology (bundle pulling) and ultra-sonic chemical cleaning technology we can offer you the highest quality and most cost effective heat exchanger cleaning services on the market.