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Industrial Cleaning

We are a provider of efficient industrial cleaning solutions which are designed to give the best quality, maximum efficiency that reduced production costs for our customers. We operate the latest industrial and technology cleaning equipment, including vacuum loaders (suction excavators), ADR and ATEX pressure suction trucks, high-pressure water jetting (hydro-blasting) technology, high water flow cleaning technology, high powered drain cleaning equipment and ultra-sonic chemical cleaning technology’s.


To ensure you the highest quality Industrial cleaning services on the market we have experts bases in Ostrava, Brno, Prague in Czech Republic, Katowice & Bydgoszcz in Poland and Bratislava in Slovakia, they have vast knowledge and experience in technology cleaning, factory de-dusting, tank cleaning, industrial pipe cleaning, crane & crane rail cleaning, ventilation system cleaning, catalyst services, heat exchanger cleaning, vessel cleaning, silo cleaning, reactor cleaning, industrial drain cleaning and other specialised technology cleaning.