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Ormonde provides professional industrial cleaning services to it customers on both longer-term cooperation and once off projects. As part of our professional approach to industrial cleaning we offer high-powered suction excavation, ultra high pressure and drain cleaning combi technology.

Industrial cleaning

Factory cleaning

  • Daily mechanical & manual cleaning services
  • Cleaning of factories, floor, roofs & machinery
  • Cleaning of dangerous & hazardous areas

Cleaning of technology

  • Cleaning of specialised equipment and plant
  • Dry or wet cleaning systems
  • Factory shutdown maintance service

Tank & cooling tower cleaning

  • Cleaning of depth 80 - 100 meters
  • High pressure tank cleaning
  • Cleaning of underground tanks / confined spaces

Cleaning of cranes & crane rails

  • Cleaning at heights and with distances of up to 350 meters
  • Removal of dust, slag and other hard materials
  • Specialised crane rail – hoovering system

Silo cleaning

  • Certified cleaning operations at heights
  • Cleaning of cement, ash, dust, chemicals, food and industrial products
  • Blowing of materials to storage silos and re-blowing service

Digester cleaning

  • Cleaning of all types of materials
  • Final detailed cleaning
  • H&S management - ventilation and gas control systems

Cleaning at heights

  • Certified climbers
  • Working in all danger areas at heights
  • Ormonde – ensuring safety first

Ventilation System Cleaning

  • Complete factory ventilation system cleaning
  • Wet or dry cleaning of ventilation ducting
  • Cleaning of larger industrial ventilation systems

Wagon Cleaning

  • All types of wagons (open, silo, tank)
  • High pressure and vacuum cleaning of product
  • Chemical cleaning of wagons

Reactor Cleaning

  • Manual and mechanical cleaning
  • Specialised product storage
  • Catalyst services

Ultra High Pressure Cleaning

  • Cleaning from 300 to 3,000 bar
  • Options of hot wash and chemicals cleaning
  • Technology, reactors, tunnels, heat exchangers, paint removal

Factory Decommissioning

  • Removal of factory equipment
  • Destruction of tooling and equipment
  • Repair to factory building after decommissioning

Cleaning in Explosive / Confined Areas

  • EX - gas detectors and clothing
  • ADR & ATEX – vacuuming systems
  • Confined space entry