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Industrial Pipe Cleaning

At Ormonde we provide complex industrial pipe cleaning solutions for all types of industries. We operate advanced ultra-high-pressure water jetting (hydro blasting / water blasting) and high flow water jetting systems to ensure we have the solution for your process piping cleaning needs. Whether your piping is being cleaned for a general pipe cleaning maintenance needs, a product change, an inspection, for repairs or decommissioning, at Ormonde we have the pipe cleaning solution.

  • Automated pipe and tube cleaning systems
  • Industrial pipe cleaning using high pressure water jetting
  • Industrial pipe cleaning using high volume water jetting
  • Industrial pipe cleaning using hot water jetting
  • Industrial pipe cleaning using dry methods
  • Industrial pipe cleaning of all size
  • Industrial pipe cleaning for all type of industry
  • Industrial pipe cleaning in EX zones
  • Specialized pipe cleaning nozzles

We have the most advance automated pipe/tube cleaning systems, pipe cleaning nozzles and pipe cleaning tools on the market to ensure we can clean all types of industrial pipes, including concrete cutting and jetting of hard encrusted materials. Our automated pipe cleaning system is the fastest pipe cleaning system on the market. Ormonde is the leading industrial cleaning company in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia with a full range of ultra-high-pressure water jetting technology for industrial pipe cleaning, technology cleaning, tank cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning.

The team at Ormonde are operating in (Ostrava, Opava, Olomouc, Karlovry Vary, Prague, Pilsen, Pardubice, Usti nad Labem, Most, Litvinov, Brno, Zlin) in Czech Republic, (Katowice, Krakow, Kielce, Gdansk, Lodz, Poznan, Szczecin, Bialystok, Warsaw, Wroclaw & Bydgoszcz) in Poland and (Bratislava, Trnava, Nitra, Kosice) in Slovakia on a daily bases and have a track recorded in working closely with our customer to understand fully their industrial cleaning, industrial pipe cleaning, tank cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning and other high pressure jetting requirements and we take a hands-on approach to ensure you the highest quality results.