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Ultrasonic Cleaning (parts treatment)

Ultrasonic treatment is a proven technology widely used in the jewelry and medical industry since the 1950’s. Using the technology in an industrial scale for parts and technology cleaning is very fresher concept and the most advanced form of chemical cleaning / treatment on the market. Ormonde is one of only a few companies that can offer ultrasonic cleaning for heavy industry on an industrial scale in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. The Ormonde ultrasonic and chemical cleaning system is ideally suited to technology and parts that are unable to be cleaned by traditional systems or where tradition cleaning systems do not provide the quality required. At Ormonde we understand that correctly cleaned technology boosts production output and greatly reduces energy and other operational costs.

  • Cleaning of heat exchangers
  • Cleaning of turbines
  • Cleaning of filters
  • Cleaning of specialized parts
  • Cleaning technology size of 1m by 3m in size
  • Nonabrasive chemical cleaning
  • Offers saving of 75% on parts & technology replacement

The Ormonde ultrasonic cleaning technology can be applied to a great range of parts and technology, for example the treatment and cleaning of plate heat exchangers, tube heat exchangers, valves, pumps, piping parts, filters, turbine rotors, filters, raching rings, demister pads and scaffolding material.