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Tank Cleaning

At Ormonde we are specialist in tank cleaning, silo cleaning, fuel tank cleaning, storage tank cleaning, biogas digester tank cleaning services. We are a single source provide for all your tank cleaning requirements including: washing, ventilation, gas monitoring, waste removal and waste recycling / disposal. We provide tank cleaning, vessels cleaning, silo cleaning, pumping station cleaning of all types of material including, organic materials, chemicals, gasses, acids, explosive material and other hazardous wastes. Whether your tank is being cleaned for a product change, for an inspection, repairs or decommissioning - at Ormonde we have the tank cleaning solution.

  • Non-man entry tank cleaning
  • Storage tank cleaning
  • Silo cleaning
  • Cooling tower cleaning
  • Oil tank cleaning
  • Fuel tank cleaning
  • Gas tank cleaning
  • Acid tank cleaning
  • Dora tank cleaning
  • Biogas tank cleaning
  • Digester tank cleaning
  • Rail wagon cleaning
  • Tank Cleaning in EX zones

We offer a wide range of tank cleaning systems to cover all type of tanks cleaning requirements. We use the latest high-powered industrial vacuum loaders (high-powered suction / vacuum trucks), EX high pressure water jetting technology, hot water pressure technology, high flow water cleaning technology, non-man entry tank cleaning, ventilation systems and scrubber unit to cleaning vapers during our tank cleaning, silo cleaning or cooling tower cleaning operations.

The team at Ormonde have vast experience in storage tank cleaning (tank farms and liquid storage facility), silo cleaning, fuel tank cleaning, oil tank cleaning, rail wagon cleaning, biogas tank cleaning and digester tank cleaning in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Ukraine.