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Water Department Cleaning Services

At Ormonde we provide specialised cleaning services to both industrial, commercial and municipal water departments, including water treatment plants and waste water treatment plants. We operate the most advanced equipment on the market to ensure, that our customer get highest quality service in the quickest posable time.

  • Pumping station cleaning
  • Sand filter cleaning
  • Technology cleaning
  • Interceptor cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • River cleaning
  • Pond cleaning
  • Drain cleaning
  • Digester cleaning
  • Cooling tower cleaning

We use the latest high powered industrial vacuum loaders (high powered suction trucks), high pressure water cleaning technology, hot water cleaning technology, non-man entry tank cleaning systems, high powered drain cleaning (Jet/Vac) equipment to cover all your sewer cleaning, deep tank cleaning, digester / biogas tank cleaning, pumping station cleaning and water technology cleaning needs.