Confined Space Cleaning & Robotic Cleaning

Confined Space Cleaning & Robotic Cleaning

At Ormonde we always put safety 1st and this is why we have invested in the most advanced robotic cleaning solutions. We offer non-man entry solution and a wide range of industrial cleaning, pipes cleaning, technology cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning and tank cleaning services in confined spaces. 

Safety is paramount when entering and cleaning within a confined space. Our expert confined space team at Ormonde works toward minimising the safety hazards that can be associated with confined space cleaning operations. If entry is required, we have fresh air breathing system and operators have gas detectors to monitor hazardous gas. It is better to provide a non-man-entry service and this where industrial cleaning robots, vacuum truck robots, tank cleaning robots, 3D tank cleaning head and water blasting robots are used. 

Why Ormonde?

What are our key advantages

The no. 1 advantage of the Ormonde confined space cleaning is our no-man-entry technology suitable for: industrial cleaning, culvert cleaning, large sewer pipe cleaning, tunnel cleaning, tank cleaning, silo cleaning and cleaning in area of explosion risk. Our team are highly trained, we start every project with a risk assessment. If personal are required to enter a confined space they use fresh air breathing systems and gases are monitored at all times. When working on heights – we use a team of trained climbers. 

Product Range – Confined Space Cleaning

Our technology

At Ormonde we have invested in the latest and safest technologies to ensure we can provide the most safe industrial cleaning and tank cleaning service in the most efficient manner. We have an advance and large fleet of robotic cleaning solution and high trained and experience staff. 

Where do we operate?

We offer confined space services including industrial cleaning and tank cleaning services  across Europe including: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Croatia and Ukraine.