Cooling Systems Cleaning

Cooling Systems Cleaning

At Ormonde we provide a wide range cooling system cleaning solution for a wide range of ACC cooler technology including: preheater cleaning, filter cleaning, fin fan cooler cleaning, condenser cleaning, cooling tower cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning. We operate advanced cleaning technology which is designed to greatly increase your cooling capacity and reduce your running costs.

Why Ormonde cooling technology cleaning services?

What are our key advantages

We have some of the most advance automated cleaning systems on the market and our cleaning solutions have been designed to ensure you maximum safety, quality and efficiency that ensure you a safe, quality service that will reduce your operational costs and or increase your technology performance. Ormonde is one of the leading industrial cleaning companies providing professional service for cooling technology in central and eastern Europe including the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia and surrounding countries.

Product Range

Our technology

If your cooling system is not operating to it optimum performance, it is costing your business money. At Ormonde we have innovative cleaning solutions that will ensure you maximum operational efficiency of your cooling system. Our innovation solutions include wet, dry and chemical cleaning options:

Where do we operate?

We are based in Czech Republic and Poland, with operations across Europe including Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary and Ukraine.