Drain Cleaning Service

Drain Cleaning Service

We offer advanced drain cleaning services to commercial, municipalities and industrial customers. At Ormonde we operate an advance fleet of high flow – low pressure cleaning technology and high pressure jetting technology, ensuring the most professional drain and pipe cleaning service.

Why Ormonde?

  • Safe service
  • Quality Service
  • Best Value Service
  • Experienced Service
  • Efficient Service

What are our key advantages

Ormonde is one of a few companies that can provide both low and high pressure cleaning solution, pipe inspection/reporting technology. We also offer specialized root cutting and concrete cutting services for all types of drainage systems.

Product Range

  • High flow cleaning services:
  • High water flow, low pressure cleaning
  • Cleaning at pressure of up to 250 bar
  • Milling services for pipe blocked by concrete
  • Cutting services for pipe blocked by roots
  • Cleaning pipes of every size, length, inside diameter and shape
  • High pressure cleaning services:
  • High pressure, low water flow cleaning
  • Cleaning at pressure of up to 2500 bar
  • Steel / stainless steel pipe cleaning
  • Wide range of specialized water jetting nozzles
  • Cleaning pipes of every size, length, inside diameter and shape

Types of Industry we work in

We offer a full range of industrial cleaning solutions to the automotive, chemical, petro-chemical, heat, power, mining, steal, timber, biogas, water, and manufacturing industries using our high-powered super suckers (suction excavator), high pressure water cleaning (water blasting), ultrasonic chemical cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning, hydro drilling, heat exchanger extractors, non-man entry tank cleaning and robotics cleaning technology in central and eastern Europe.

Where do we operate?

We are specialist in a wide range of industrial technology cleaning services including, de-dusting, crane & crane rail cleaning, ventilation system cleaning, catalyst services, heat exchanger cleaning, vessel cleaning, reactor cleaning and specialized technology cleaning services and our team have vast experience from Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and Austria.