External Bundle Cleaning

External Bundle Cleaning

To affectively clean the outside surface of a bundle, you need a higher water flow than for internal tube cleaning. A manual operated jetting gun is only designed for flat surface cleaning, it is unable to penetrate the center of the heat exchanger for this reason only automated or semi-automated cleaning systems should be used.

Why Ormonde?

What are our key advantages

At Ormonde we offer a semi-automated external heat exchanger cleaning system, with a specially designed outside bundle nozzle. It is attached to a special type of cleaning arm, that controls all movements at a set speed as the arm drives along the bundle.

Product Range

Our technology

Traditional systems using high pressure water for internal and external heat exchanger cleaning can be dangerous and don’t always give you the required results needed. You can relax knowing that at Ormonde we place safety No.1 and our heat exchanger cleaning technology, we are operating some of the most advanced semi-automated heat exchanger cleaning technology on the market.

Where do we operate?

Our heat exchanger cleaning experts are providing daily services for our customers in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovak and Hungary and neighboring countries.