Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Our heat exchanger cleaning solutions are developed to reduce our customer’s energy costs, increase factory output and most importantly ensure the safety of our expert operators. We offer automated high-pressure heat exchanger cleaning systems that can clean up to 3 tubes(pipes) at one time. 

The benefits of robotic heat exchanger cleaning are increased safety, efficiency and quality. Robotic cleaning solution do not get tired, they do not skip tubes and all the power from the water jetting pump is used for cleaning, this allows for maximum quality. Robotic cleaning of heat exchanger will greatly reduce you gas and energy requirements. 
Ormonde “the service that reduces your energy costs”  

Why Ormonde?

What are our key advantages

Unlike traditional manual cleaning systems, the Ormonde heat exchanger cleaning system allow for cleaning tubes in both directions, resulting in the highest quality heat exchanger cleaning. For cases where high pressure water cleaning is not an option, we offer ultra-sonic chemical cleaning technology.

Product Range

Our technology

Heat exchanger cleaning is about how to increase production and reducing energy costs. The Ormonde heat exchanger cleaning system has allowed our customers to achieve maximum production, reduced energy requirements, while extending the life of their heat exchangers.

Knowing that the traditional methods of high-pressure water cleaning are a highly dangerous, you can relax knowing that at Ormonde we place safety No.1 and our heat exchanger cleaning system is the safest on the market.

Where do we operate?

Our heat exchanger cleaning are experts in both plate and tube heat exchanger cleaning and are providing services for our customers in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Seriba, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuanian, Romania, Croatia and Hungary and neighbouring countries.

Our heat exchanger specialises will explain if chemical cleaning, drilling or cleaning by high pressure water will give you the best results. Our team have vast experience in very wide range of heat exchanger and cooler technology and we understand that a our high quality cleaning approach will save you money / increase you profits.