High Pressure Water Cleaning

High Pressure Water Cleaning

We are a leading supplier of safe, efficient, hydrodynamic cleaning services. Our cleaning services using high pressure water are being designed so as to limit the operator’s direct contact with activities as much as possible, which not only increases safety, but also significantly improves the quality.

Why Ormonde?

What are our key advantages

At Ormonde we have conclude that many traditional manual cleanings using high pressure water is no longer an option, and we have been developing automatic cleaning systems and solutions.

To ensure the highest quality and safety of services at Ormonde, we offer automated, non-contact, state-of-the-art high-pressure cleaning technology where possible.

Product Range

Our technology

The advantage of automatic cleaning system is the high safety, high quality and the increased speed of cleaning. The high-pressure water jetting team at Ormonde have been at the forefront of promoting and developing high-pressure water blasting systems for the following reason:

Where do we operate?

Our high-pressure jetting service including, heat exchanger cleaning, industrial pipe cleaning, industrial cooler cleaning, reactor cleaning, silo cleaning can be found in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic and neighboring countries.