CCTV Pipe & drainage Inspection

CCTV Pipe & Drainage Inspection

We can offer both: Van-type CCTV inspection unit or portable CCTV units. Our CCTV systems are suited for all types commercial, municipalities and industrial pipe, drainage and sewer inspections. 

Why Ormonde?

What are our key advantages

Ormonde is a leading provider of safe, cost effective cleaning and environmental cleaning services, we operate some of the most advanced cleaning technology on the market.

Product Range

Our technology

We operate advance underground CCTV cameras to detect problems in your pipes. The cameras we use for CCTV pipe inspections can be use in a wide range of pipe sizes and then give a full 360-degree view.

If there’s a crack, damage to the pipe, tree roots growing through it, residual fat, or any other reason for your pipes being blocked, the camera shows it up. This quickly shows the operator the actual reason for the block or problem.

Our advance reporting software will give you a details report will all information you will need.

Where do we operate?

We provide CCTV drain inspection services in Czech. Republic, Slovakia and Poland.