Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

At Ormonde we operate advanced cleaning technology including; suction excavator, water jetting pump, robotic cleaning system, ADR & EX vacuum truck, drain cleaning truck, ultra-sonic chemical cleaning technology, heat exchanger cleaning technology and bundle extractor technology. 

We offer a limited amount of industrial cleaning equipment for short and long term rental (subject availability).

Why Ormonde?

  • Safe service
  • Quality Service
  • Best Value Service
  • Experienced Service
  • Efficient Service

What are our key advantages?

Our technology range includes: suction excavators, high powered (wet and dry) vacuum trucks, high pressure water jetting units, water basting robots, heat exchanger cleaning technology, ultrasonic chemical cleaning technology and bundle (heat exchanger) extractor technology. 

Listed below is units currently available in our rental fleet:

Product Range

Long and short term bundle extractor and bundle lifter rental service in Europe. 

Heat Exchanger Extractor Rental

  • 45T aerial bundle extraction
  • Extract heat exchangers up to 45 ton
  • Lifting frame 2.5 m (large on request)
  • • Heat exchanger pulling with up to 60 ton pulling force
  • Fastest and safest heat exchanger extraction system on the market
  • Extraction of bundle up to 10 m (large on request)
  • 53T Combi Extractor & Lifter
  • The bundle lifter avoids damages to the tie rods and baffle plates
  • The heat exchanger is carried over 3.6 m
  • Safest lifting system for technology and personal
  • Can be operated in combination with extractor to 2 m
  • Can operate independently to 2.215 m wide and up to 53 ton

For more information about our heat exchanger extractor

Heat Exchanger Hydro Drill Rental

  • High-torque hydro drilling system for tube heat exchanger and condensers cleaning
  • Tube heat exchanger and condensers cleaning
  • The pneumatic system - high-torque hydro drilling
  • Build in water cooling system
  • Options of shaft size to suit your tube size
  • Options of drilling cleaning bits

Ultra-Sonic cleaning technology Rental

  • Industrial Sized Unit
  • EcoMove system (basket movement)
  • 3 tonne hydraulic lifting basket
  • Oil skimming system
  • Heater 32 kw (steam connection option
  • Basket dimension 3.1 x 1.0 x 1.0 m. (L x W x D)
  • Option of leanings
  • Compact Sized Unit
  • Ideal for small and light parts cleaning
  • Basket dimension .86 x .56 x .46 m. (L x W x D)
  • Ultra-Sonic Power 3 KW
  • Adjustable power 40 to 100%
  • Supply of chemicals

Where do we operate?

For an update list of available industrial cleaning, heat exchanger extractor (bundle puller) equipment for rental please contact a member of our team we have operational all across central and eastern Europe and provide rental in: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ireland, England, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuna, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Croatia, Finland, Austria, Norway, Germany, Estonia and Ukraine.