Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Services

We are a provider of efficient premium industrial cleaning solutions and service, which we developed to reduce our customer’s energy costs, increase both: their factory output and profits in a safe and environmental sound manner. 

To ensure maximum efficiency and and safety during our cleaning operations we have invested and developed a number of robotic industrial cleaning solutions. 

Why Ormonde Industrial cleaning solutions ?

What are our key advantages

We operate the latest industrial cleaning technology and equipment including: industrial high powered vacuum loader technology (ADR & ATEX), high-pressure water jetting technology, high flow water cleaning technology, heat exchanger cleaning technology, cooling system cleaning technology, robotic cleaning systems, high powered drain cleaning technology, ultra-sonic chemical cleaning technology and heat exchanger extractor technology.

Product Range

We operate the latest industrial cleaning technology and we have vast experience in all type of industrial cleaning including:

Types of Industry we work in

We offer a full range of industrial cleaning solutions for: chemical, petro-chemical, heat, power, mining, steal, timber, automotive biogas, water, waste water and manufacturing industries. We operate the most advanced high-powered suction excavators, high pressure water jetting (water blasting), ultrasonic chemical cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning, hydro drilling, bundle extractors, non-man entry tank cleaning and robotics cleaning technology in central and eastern Europe.

Where do we operate?

We are based in Czech Republic and Poland, with operations across Europe including: Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Ukraine