Suction Excavator

Suction Excavator

The high powered vacuum loaders (suction excavator) technology operated by Ormonde is suitable for heavy industrial cleaning services including: technology cleaning, reactor cleaning, tank cleaning, fermenter cleaning, factory cleaning services, transport of ADR wastes, blowing of dry materials, specialised industrial cleaning applications and cleaning in hazardous atex environment. 

We ensure maximum efficiency we operate a number of suction excavator robots, industrial cleaning robots and ATEX Zone Zero tank cleaning robots. 

Why Ormonde?

What are our key advantages

At Ormonde we operate both cyclone and bag filter filtration system technology to ensure we have the correct high-powered suction technology to suit your requirements.

Our trucks are built to both ADR and ATEX standards, making our services the most versatile for all your industrial, technology, environmental, biogas and tank cleaning requirements. The Ormonde expert team have vast experience in industrial vacuum loader services across central and eastern Europe.

Product Range

What is an Industrial Vacuum Loader / Suction excavator

These high-powered vacuum loaders are known by many different names: suction excavators, super sucker, saugbagr, hydrovac, ATEX vacuum truck, industrial vacuum loaders, high powered vacuum tanker, vacuum excavator or dry vacuum truck. Regardless of the name used for these machines, once it is a high-powered vacuum loader operated by Ormonde it is the best on the market.

These units are very advanced vacuum tanker trucks with a heavy-duty vacuuming system and filtration system designed to pneumatically load: powers, solids, liquids, sludge, slurry through suction hoses of different sizes. Ormonde suction excavators are fitted it high-lift, liquid pressure discharge and extra blowers for dry product discharge.

This type of industrial vacuum technology is ideal for a wide range of industrial and environmental cleaning services. It is the most effective technique for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

The Ormonde suction excavator experts are based in different countries in Europe to ensure we provide you the highest quality (dry and wet) industrial vacuuming service.

Where do we operate?

We provide suction excavator and high-powered vacuum loader (suction excavator / dry vacuum trucks) services in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Ireland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

For more information on about our robotic cleaning solutions including: industrial cleaning robots, suction excavator robots and tank cleaning robots contact a member of our team.