Tank Mixing & Pump Services

Tank Mixing & Pump Services

The Ormonde tank mixing services has been developed for efficient mixing of organic layer or sediment build up in organic waste storage tanks found in the biogas, waste water, agricultures storage tanks. The system is also suitable for industrial storage logons. 

The Ormonde AgriMixer (Güllemixer Lkw) has a 38 meter reach, which makes the system an efficient access machine for cleaning hard to reach areas when connected to one of our high powered vacuum trucks. For extra efficiency the Ormonde AgriMixer is also fitted with a transfer pump and can be connected to a large sludge pump for mixing or cleaning of large tanks or lagoons.  

The Ormonde Agri Mixer (Güllemixer / Agitator)  has been equipped to allow large volume pumping of sludges and slurry. This allows it to be an efficient machine for cleaning  large organic waste storage tanks, floating layer in biogas digester and emergency services in the biogas and waste water industry. 

Why Ormonde?

What are our key advantages

We have developed a mixing and pumping system that can pump up to 300 cubic meters per hour. It allows faster tank cleaning operations and is ideal for: emptying tanks that are hard to access, have high percentage of dry material, emergency tank cleaning services, need to be cleaned for tank repairs or certification.

The system can also be used for cleaning of digesters, biogas storage tanks, waste water treatment tanks, large storage tanks and logon. The system allows our customer to save energy and maintenance cost of mixing system.

Product Range – AgriMixer / Güllemixer Lkw

Our technology

The Ormonde AgriMixer has a reach of 38 meter with its 5 section boom ensuring it can access any tank and still guarantee it has perfect angle for the highest quality of  mixing. The unit can be supplied with extra engine driven sludge pumps, hydraulic driven organic waste tank cleaning pump and a silt dredging pump, allowed for mixing and pumping at the same time. This is ideal for cleaning of large storage lagoons and tanks on farms, waste water treatment plants and farms. 

Where do we operate?

We offer biogas and farm tank mixing, pumping and cleaning services all across Europe including: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia & Ukraine. For more information about the Ormonde AgriMixer (Güllemixer Lkw) services please contact a member of the Ormonde team.