Zone Zero Tank Cleaning

Zone Zero Tank Cleaning

ATEX Zone Zero Robotic tank cleaning service by Ormonde are the safest way to cleaning your storage tank. The Ormonde EX Zone Zero tank cleaning system has full ATEX certification and a wide range of EX certified tooling to ensure we offer the most efficient tank cleaning service on the market. 

No-man-entry tank cleaning robots ensure safer and efficient cleaning of hazardous tanks, crude oil and fuel storage tanks. The key benefits are: no personal enter inside the tank during the cleaning process, the number of personal needed for cleaning is greatly reduced and the cleaning is faster. 

Why Ormonde?

What are our key advantages

Our ATEX Zone Zero no-man-entry tank cleaning robot has a vast range of EX certified cleaning tools including EX tank washing system, which means the total cleaning project can be completed without the need for any personal to enter the tank. The tank entry system also allows the tank cleaning robot to enter, which the operators controls all operations from the control room. 

The EX tank cleaning system comes in 2 x 10ft contains. This ensures we meet the highest standard with the tank cleaning robot operating in Zone 0. The operators cabin is in the 1st 10ft container which is placed in Zone 1 and the power system in the 2nd 10ft container which can be placed in Zone 2.

The Ormonde Zone 0 tank cleaning system if fully independent and does not need external power of require certification of external power during set up. 

Product Range

Our technology

Our Zone Zero Robotic tank cleaning system was developed by Gerotto and meets the highest of EX certification as it is the only system that is fully certified Roboting tooling including: Auger, Squeegee, Suction Nozzle and Hydrant Nozzle . The system includes all EX tooling for the robot, water cannon, high pressure jetting, Zone O CCTV system. The robot can operate on rubber or magnetic tracks and the system includes a no-man-entry manhole entry system and suction hose real. 

At Ormonde we operate a wide range of high powered vacuum trucks and suction excavators including: trucks with EX vacuuming system, ADR certification which ensures we always have the most suitable vacuum truck to guarantee the fast cleaning time in the safest manner. 

Types of Industry we work in

We offer a full range of industrial cleaning and tank cleaning services.

Where do we operate?

We offer ATEX Zone Zero robotic tank cleaning services and Zone 0 tank cleaning robot rental service across Europe including: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, England, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Croatia, Finland, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Estonia and Ukraine.