Water Department Cleaning Services

Water Department Cleaning Services

At Ormonde we provide specialized cleaning services to both industrial, commercial and municipal water departments, including water treatment plants and waste water treatment plants. We operate the most advanced equipment on the market to ensure, that our customers get highest quality service in the quickest possible time.

Why Ormonde?

What are our key advantages

We use the latest high powered industrial and environmental cleaning technology that ensure you the high-quality cleaning services, with maximum safety and a guarantee that your technology will operating to the high efficiency.

Our team are daily providing environmental services including: sand filter replacement, digester cleaning, tank cleaning, river cleaning, logon cleaning, pump station cleaning and cleaning of water and waste water cleaning technology.

Product Range

Our technology

We also operate some of the latest and most advanced environmental cleaning technology on the market including, high powered drain cleaning combi units, CCTV drainage inspection and reporting units, high pressure water jetting, high flow water jetting, cooler cleaning technology and high-powered suction excavators.

Where do we operate?

The Ormonde team are operating in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary have vast experience in cleaning services for both water and waste water treatment departments across central and eastern Europe.