Wet & Dry Vacuum Services

Wet & Dry Vacuum Services

The Wet & Dry vacuuming solutions offered by Ormonde are designed with several innovative features to improve our customers production quality, reduce their operational costs and increase safety during our vacuuming operations.

The Ormonde wet & dry vacuuming technology is equipped to meet the highest safety standards and we can operate with dangerous materials including chemicals, acids and explosive materials. Our technology is a powerful way to access hard-to-reach or sensitive areas.

Why Ormonde?

What are our key advantages

At Ormonde we operate a sizable fleet of dry and wet high powered vacuuming trucks, designed to cover a wide range of industrial and environmental cleaning services of dry bulk powders, dusts, liquids, slurries and thick heavy sludge from hard to reach areas.

Long-distant suction and heavy vacuuming of material is not a problem for our high-powered suction excavators (industrial vacuum loaders). We also offer an ATEX and ADR vacuuming solutions including certified EX hoses and operational equipment.

Product Range

Our technology

We operate modern and highly advanced dry and wet vacuuming / suction technology. The industrial vacuuming technology operated by Ormonde is built to cover a wide range of cleaning services in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.

For more information about the latest suction excavator technology or about vacuum excavation (suction dredger) cleaning solution contact a member of our team.

Where do we operate?

We provide wet & dry vacuuming services in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.